Village Of Laurel Hollow
The Fog Rolls In to Laurel Hollow Beach - January 23, 2018
photo by Karen Navin

Dear Laurel Hollow Residents:

This web site is designed to provide you with information concerning various aspects of your village government. It also serves as a means of communication between the Village and its residents.

Your village board and the village hall staff are committed to making Laurel Hollow an excellent place to live and raise a family. Our goal is to run an efficient government thus keeping our taxes low, effectively provide essential services, and most importantly to be responsive to your needs and concerns. We will treat everyone with respect and dignity, and we welcome your suggestions to further improve this very special Village, of which we all are proud residents.

The Village Board of Trustees meets once a month. The meeting dates are posted on the web site. We encourage you to attend these meetings to better understand what is going on in the Village, what are some of the challenges we are facing, and to contribute to the discussion, and solution of these issues. Our door is always open and we look forward to seeing you at our future meetings.

We wish you many years of healthy, safe and prosperous living in this beautiful
Village of Laurel Hollow.

Dan DeVita


Department Pages:
Board of Zoning Appeals to Conduct Public Hearings at 7:30 PM on Tuesday, March 19, 2019
March 19, 2019

Public hearings will be held on the following:


  • Amended plans of Edward Butt on behalf of George Poll, to install a new section of wrap-around deck and a propane-fueled fireplace at the beach house at 1458 Ridge Road;
  • Application of Barbara & Walter Schmidt to install a pavilion, alter the driveway, and maintain accessory structures, which cause the total surface area coverage to exceed 20% of lot area at 1486 Laurel Hollow Road;
  • Application of Vincent Amato to construct a new principal building where the maximum floor area ratio will be greater than 0.09 at 38 Vista Drive;
  • Application of Elaine Kawas on behalf of Gregg & Melissa Newman to install multiple accessory structures, which will require variances of side and rear yard set backs at 80 Wildwood Drive;
  • Application of Anthony Lauro on behalf of Joseph Grgas to install a sports court & maintain a shed, which will require variances of the rear yard set back at 1302 Ridge Road; and
  • Applications of Michael Rant on behalf of Donny Zarro to install a pool, patio, retaining walls, & maintain a shed, which will involve: slope disturbance, re-grading of property, and variances of side yard setback at 43 Springwood Path.


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